11 de setembro de 2013

How does one become a butterfly?.. You must want to fly so much that you are willing to give up being a caterpillar. Sometime, or better, most of the time i feel the importance of living doing what I like without giving a crap about the other people that has nothing to do with anything I live. I think our time is limited on this earth, and Iam not afraid of radical changes. There is so much beauty in simple things in life.. I just discovered i have big pleasure in waking up early in the morning and making a very hot cup of coffee, put my favorite songs to play and filling the house with good aroma as candles and incense! I think it is so relaxing.. the silence, the caffeine invading my body and feeling my mornings with pleasure.. I always look for it every morning.. and I think my mornings are so much better than before! ;-) If for some reason you are not happy with your life, you need to slow down and maybe take a different  approach to your everyday rotine!  Sometimes I just sit in my chair in the nigth.. in silence.. I dont do meditation, but I love to just listen to my wishes, my heart, just feel the moment alone... it is like Iam talking to myself as my best friend.. it feels so good! With  age, I feel better about myself.. iam confident and I really dont care about people judje me for... Of course, I know how to behave in public and stuff like that.. but I simple am Hisis.. as transparent as water.. I know Iam not perfect, and I know people have different feelings, opinions etc.. i just stopped giving crap for what people may think or not think.. It is a good feeling.. it is like leaving free... even knowing we are not tottaly free.. and dont give me that crap.. ah we r free! Free? Nope... Iam free from myself.. but I still leave in this world full of people with a culture and a life.. and I think we need to know the limits of everything! Well.. I just felt like writing it..

 Waking up early morning!
 Give your room a good aroma from candles!
 Taste with pleasure, a hot cup of black coffee!
Put on your favorite songs to play and enjoy this moment as it was your last one on earth!

And remember!! A negative mind will never give you a positive life!

Find the true yourself, and learn to love yourself.. even if you think different, I assure to you... you will start loving your time on earth and you will live happy days! You need to change from the inside out, your soul. Too often people wait on someone or something external to change us. They blame their life on every little thing. They need to take responsibility for their own growth.  If your are not happy, and you dont move or do anything to change it, you will never be happy!

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