17 de setembro de 2013

Readdy for fall!


London... maybe some day i will get to be there!
 With the cold weather comes fashion!
I love old houses with a ghost kind of look.. Empty houses and old houses have a history.. a mistery..
With the cold comes hot coffee almost all the time!
Comes the bed reading time under the covers...
Well, candles are a all year around kind of thing for me...
Dressing  all in black and not feeling hot.. so cool...
Boots, tights, etc

Smoke, for the ones that like it!

So.. busy busy days.. wish means a happy Hisis.. since I love the agitation of work, kid, husband, food, school, gym.. I always try to keep it positive.. and iam doing good so far. Of course, I have bad days, horrible days.. I get to talk with very rude people.. but I really try not to get offended and I keep going with my smile even when I have a lot of reasons to be pissed.. I choose not to! This woman at work came to me asking where was her cup.. and I asked her.. oh didnt I give it to you?? and she really looked at me red, mad, angry.. and said: Do I look like Iam holding a F. cup??? I really... really didnt want to believe she was being that rude with me.. everybody that was around was like looking at her like she was the devil.. for me.. I look at her feeling sorry.. I dont know what is wrong with her.. but for her to be like that.. she must have a miserable life.. and I just ask God to bless her.. and that she can be more polite and less rude with people that dont have nothing to do with her problems! I have problems.. but I dont go kicking people because Iam mad.. but.. anyway.. changing the mad woman topic... I just did a cleaning on my closet.. I did the change from summer to fall and winter clothes.. and Iam so happy.. because I learned to love the cold weather.. I love it so much right now.. that I could just move to alaska.. or another place were winter are longer than here in texas.. to tell the truth.. we dont even have winter.. it is like fall and spring.. but it feels good since we get a very hot summer.. unconfortable as hell.. but.. we can not have everything ha?!! 

Well, I dont spend time thinking about heaven. I want to live the present the best I can.. I dont know if i will got o heaven.. If I need to be going to a church to be able to be in heaven.. than I will burn in hell! I love God and I believe him.. but going to church doesnt work for me anymore and never will! One day I was just thinking,  I need to cut corners and put aside things that didnt make me happy.. and than I decided.. to stop going to a church.. and I never felt better in my hole life! Iam not here to please no one.. I just want to live my life and take care of my family! I am not a evil person and I am not that kind of person that will be showing and telling how good they are.. I just do it for myself and God.. my relationship with him is private.. I believe in him and I feel his love in the simple things in life.. and only him will be able to judje me in my final days and long after death life!  One of the most difficult lessons in life is how to accept ourselves the way we really are.. and Ive learned that a long time ago.. and now.. more than never.. I feel confident... I know what Iam... I know what I want.. I dont need to live for anybody else but myself and my family! I hope you all have a great rest of week! Right now, I will put sammys lunch for school and get everything readdy for tomorrow! Good night!
xoxo - Hisis Poe

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