19 de outubro de 2013

There's an inner beautty about women who believes in herfself!

 Ive being working a lot lately, wish I love!! I am even with no patience being in front of a computer a lot.. as I used to! I just feel like life is passing fast.. and enjoying doing things I like  has being my priority! I would say fall is my favorite time of the year! With the pass of the years, Iam getting to know myself better! Things that used to matter.. are just crap for me today! It is funny how we change.. and I love it! Iam not the same girl I was in the pass! Iam so much happier, confident, mature! I am not afraid of life, and when you live like this.. trust me.. no one can change how you feel! Ive decided to live good and to have a positive spirit! No, I dont think myself as someone better than anybody, but i sure do not want to live, look of fell like anyone else! Iam happy where Iam today, and I know great things come for those who fight, believe, and move to get it! Life can be so cruel to you.. my life right now is good, but I do, and Iam passing for some difficult time.. but I wont let my head down! Everybody is struggling with something, ALWAYS! The thing is.. be strong and run to your dreams!If you're facing a situation that might mean making a brave but difficult decision, take some time to think it over. If you feel strongly about what needs to be done, you can use that to help boost your courage in the moment. Ask yourself:
1. Is this the right thing to do? The right thing isn't always the easiest, nor the most popular. Rely on your conscience to help you decide.
2.Are you prepared to face the consequences? If the action you're about to do has huge consequences, take an extra second to think about it. If the worst-case scenario happened, would you be able to handle it?
Dont think - ACT. After a certain point, it's better if you stop dwelling on what you're about to do and just do it. Take a deep breath, try to clear your mind, and go forward with what you've already decided on. Try not to hesitate, and focus on just getting through it.
Have a good night!
Hisis Poe.................  xoxo

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