1 de outubro de 2013

I love myself more and more with the pass of the years!

When I was younger, I always wondered how I would turn out to be, to feel and to want to my life! Today, Iam almost a 34 years old woman! WOW.. it looks like it was yesterday when I was 19 years old. I always was full of life, outgoing and very sincere! I would say I pretty much feel the same way, only better! Today, little stupid things don't bother me anymore. I dont care about what anybody thinks about me.. or about what I do! I just leave each day well.. I would say I could even live each day to the fullest.. but doing that.. I would go against a lot of things.. moral.. and I would hurt a lot of people! So I dont know if I should or not live to the fullest.. maybe one day when Iam too tired of shit, of moral, tired of people and  I will just say:  screw it and fuck it! We only live once.. so why not to all the crap u want?? sometimes, i think I was born to be a alone being in this earth.. I dont know why, but I think I would do better.. because I just hate telling people what I did, what Iam gonna to do.. or all that kind of crap.. I know it will come the day.. that I will explode and say fuck off to everybody.. I know this.. I alreaddy do this to a lot of people.. I dont like anybody telling me what do to, or how to behave.. Iam not a puppet, or a dog! I like being free.. I tottally get the point of all those free spirit people.. a lot of people judge them.. I dont... I admire them! Life is short, and you never know when you are going to die.. so, why not live the way u want?  sometimes.. I think that if I died today.. I would be very upset.. in hell or in paradise.. i would feel like I didnt live and I didnt get to do all the things I wanted... I want to break the rules.. I dont want to exist.. I want to live.. I want to have fun, I want to travel, I want to know a lot of new people, from different culture, countries, I want to do things i never did before.. so this being said... Iam a new Hisis, the old is gone and if you dont like it, Fuck you!

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