29 de agosto de 2013

I hope I can keep my blog going this time!

           I am so happy that fall is almost here.. I cant wait for the cold weather, the cozy winter and fall. Time for thinking, time to relax, to enjoy a good cup of hot coffee! It is a happy time.. you feel like reading more.. I know I do! I love this time of the year.. cause I do a lot of thinking.. I feel good! With the cod comes Halloween, Thanks given, and... well.. Christmas! I confess I don't like Christmas.. and usually for me.. it is one of the worse time of the year.. and I just pray it can pass by fast.. like a lighting! I have a lot of reasons for not liking it.. but I don't want to write those in here!I love pictures, I have to take more pictures.. I need to drive around and start to take pictures of things I love.. pictures r memories.. of some time in time, the pass, and It kind of makes me feel alive! Everytime you take a picture.. it is part of the past... kind of weird.. but makes sense some how! I know a lot of things I write.. or feel.. are not understood for many.. but that is fine.. because what I want.. is to just write my feeling for the moment. Sometimes I just seat here.. and think about 1.000 things.. and It is nice writing about those feelings.. in the future it will be good to read all these things! Well, I want to write here more.. I hate blogging.. but.. I will try again.. hehehe just like a diary! a open one! I have a thing for everything old.. Sometimes I wish I could go back in time and live a while in a year like 1940. There was another time.. another way to see things.. I just wish I could see how things were! Well.. you all have a good night!   Hisis Poe

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