22 de setembro de 2013

Broken Heart!

These last days I've been thinking A LOT about some people that I love.. I feel so sad right now.. just by looking some old pictures and feeling the happy moments by that time in the past! I feel sad to see that all that is gone.. it is like it died and now we have to just remember.... all those memories.. they wont come back.. or they wont bring new happy moments.. It is like a part of my heart broke.. and I feel the pain that it brings to my soul.. I keep looking these pictures.. because they are on my digital frame.. where I put a bunch of pictures, and they keep passing.. I just wish I could fix broken hearts.. I wish I could make people to feel happy together... I wish I could see everybody happy like it was before.. but the reality is cruel.. and this reality is open and raw.. and I think just time.. will mend what is going on right now! It is just how I feel now..without hope for a new begining.. the truth hurts.. when you know that you can't make another person to love you back! I really wish I could help somehow.. but the truth is.. I cant! ;-(

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